Quantum Lite

Automating The Administrative Burden Associated With Managing Large Volumes Of Scripts

Quantum Lite™ incorporates five years of direct pharmacy experience and customer feedback into a software package that automates the administrative processes that accompany script management. It removes the need for re-keying data and has clear and simple workflows that provide pharmacists with the ability to efficiently manage large volumes of scripts.  Quantum Lite™ can help provide pharmacists with a more scalable and stable business model.

Quantum Lite™ Benefits

Quantum Lite™ has been trialled and tested and is an invaluable tool for pharmacies who dispense large volumes of scripts. It is only available to pharmacies using MPS.

  • Time saving of approx. 1minute per bed per week [20/80 split pharmacist to technician time]
  • Significantly improve processing speeds
  • Automate and remove all script management paperwork
  • Increased accuracy and no need to re-key data means less errors
  • Easy installation with ongoing support from our experienced team

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